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British Wild Bees, Wasps, A nts, etc., scientifically known as the Hymenoptem A culeata. Of these the non-scientific public rarely recognizes more than the Hive Bee, the Humble Bee, theW asp, and the Hornet, whereas there are about 400 different kinds to be found in this country, and they can be recognized by any one who is disposed to make a special study of the group. The author has not hesitated to make free use of the experiences of others in regard to the habits of the insects he describes, and he has not thought it necessary in each case to make separate acknowledgment of this. He takes this opportunity of thanking Mr. H. Donisthorpe and Mr. F. W. L. Sladen for assistance in the chapters on A nts and their Lodgers, and Humble Bees,
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