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There was great excitement in Smyrna, especially among the boys. Barlow’s Great American Circus in its triumphal progress from State to State was close at hand, and immense yellow posters announcing its arrival were liberally displayed on fences and barns, while smaller bills were put up in the post office, the hotel, and the principal stores, and distributed from house to house. It was the largest circus that had ever visited Smyrna. At least a dozen elephants marched with ponderous steps in its preliminary procession, while clowns, acrobats, giants, dwarfs, fat women, cannibals, and hairy savages from Thibet and Madagascar, were among the strange wonders which were to be seen at each performance for the small sum of fifty cents, children half price. For weeks the young people had been looking forward to the advent of this marvelous aggregation of curiosities, and the country papers from farther east had given glowing accounts of the great show, which was emphatically pronounced greater and more gor[Pg 4]geous than in any previous year. But it may be as well to reproduce, in part, the description given in the posters: BARLOW’S GREAT NORTH AMERICAN CIRCUS. Now in its triumphal march across the continent, will give two grand performances, AT SMYRNA On the afternoon and evening of May 18th. Never in all its history has this Unparalleled show embraced a greater variety of attractions, or included a larger number of world famous Acrobats, Clowns, Bare back Riders, Rope walkers, Trapeze Artists, and Star Performers, In addition to a colossal menagerie, comprising Elephants, Tigers, Lions, Leopards, and other wild animals in great variety. All this and far more, including a hundred DARING ACTS, Can be seen for the trifling sum of Fifty cents; Children half price. Come One! Come All!