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Richard le Gallienne was an early 20th century writer. He joined the staff of The Star in 1891, and wrote for various papers using the pseudonym Logroller. His works include, My Ladies’ Sonnets and Other Vain and Amatorious Verses (1887), Volumes in Folio (1889) poems, George Meredith: Some Characteristics (1890), English Poems (1892), The Religion of a Literary Man (1893), and Robert Louis Stevenson: An Elegy and Other Poems. In The Worshipper of the Image Antony is a man with a beautiful wife, lovely child and a gift for writing poetry. He is also one of those men destined to face tragedy. One day he finds a death mask of a girl who had drowned. Antony had no way of knowing that possessing this mask meant the eminent death of those he loved and his tragic future.