Product Description
THE SPELLS IN THIS SACRED TEXT WORK LIKE A MAGNET TO ATTRACT BIG MONEY – GOOD HEALTH – LOVE – FREEDOM FROM TENSION AND WORRY . . . AS WELL AS BANISHING CURSES AND ERODING ALL NEGATIVE CONDITIONS IN YOUR LIFE. William Oribello Presents A Masterpiece of Occult Wisdom…DISCOVER – THE NAMES OF POWER Readers will learn of mysteries to sacred to be revealed but to the highest of mystical initiates. Words and sounds so powerful that they can transcend space and time and attract the Lord’s goodness without hesitance. These words are now yours to utter! ATTRACT – INSTANT SOUL POWER You will be taught to take ordinary items and transform then into powerful psychic tools to see the future. You will be told how to make an “Astral Tune” to see through walls, as well as look into other dimensions to see what others are really thinking about you. HERE IS A 12 DAY PROGRAM TO RID YOURSELF OF ALL EVIL INFLUENCES. The author tells you how to make your own Protectogram” which serves as a wall of protection to ward off future negative vibrations. REVEALS – THE TRUE SECRETS OF DREAM MAGIC This method allows a real Genie to change your life through dreams. The reader is given a “Dream Potion Formula” handed down from Count Cagliostro, the 18th Century mystic master, said to help you have the dreams you desire so that you can take control of your life. ALSO EASY TO COPY PLANS FOR A DREAM MAGNET, A TALISMAN OF POWER, SEVEN GOOD LUCK TALISMANS, AND THE ‘URIN AND THUMMIN’ SPOKEN OF IN THE BIBLE AND USED AS A SECRET METHOD OF DIVINATION.