Product Description
Torchy Todd, the blonde bombshell all the males loved. She began her long and colorful life as a morale booster, featured in military publications. Torchy’s first appearance was in Quality Comics’ Doll Man #8 in 1946. Torchy’s characterization changed frequently from story to story. Sometimes she was a naive gal who didn’t realize the effect she had on men. Sometimes she somewhat understood that effect, but couldn’t quite get her head around the reason why she had it. In still other stories, Torchy deliberately used her assets to her own advantage. You can enjoy again – or for the first time –Torchy #1 with this public domain reprint from UP History and Hobby. Check out the full line – new titles every week! The comic reprints from UP History and Hobby are reproduced from actual classic comics, and sometimes reflect the imperfection of books that are decades old. These books are constantly updated with the best version available – if you are EVER unhappy with the experience or quality of a book, return the book to us to exchange for another title or the upgrade as new files become available.