Product Description

Bestselling author Carol J. Buck created this innovative kit to provide you with real-life experience in preparation for your medical office career. Practice Kit for Medical Front Office Skills simulates your first two weeks on the job working in the front office of a medical practice with 46 tasks divided over a 10-day period. Each task simulates a commonly performed administrative duty and many can be performed either on paper or electronically. Printed file folders, file labels, and appointment sheets are included to make your experience as realistic as possible. Two CD-ROMs featuring actual practice management and electronic health record software help you gain necessary experience working with real-world medical office software. A companion Evolve website also features audio files with phone messages and physician dictations for completing specific tasks. It’s everything you need for a two-week externship experience — without setting foot in a medical office!

    • Contains 46 tasks that guide you through a two-week front office skills internship-like experience of print and electronic administrative exercises.
    • Each task simulates an actual administrative duty of the medical assistant, such as managing patient scheduling in a multi-doctor practice or insurance and billing.
    • Examples of actual forms and supplies are included in the kit, both print and electronically, to help you complete assigned daily tasks and support the experience of a real office setting.
    • Many tasks can be performed either on paper or electronically. For assignments on paper, you’re given actual examples of forms to be completed, such as daily schedules, history and physical reports, and superbills.
    • Regular content updates are available on the Evolve website.

      • Medisoft Version 16 Practice Management software on CD-ROM helps you gain experience with front office tasks using an actual medical office software program.
      • Practice Partner Version 9.3.2 electronic health record software offers 8 daily EHR tasks you’re likely to perform in the medical office.
      • A companion Evolve website includes all the necessary patient data to use with each software program, actual electronic forms used in medical offices, and audio files in MP3 format that offer dynamic practice in taking phone messages and transcribing doctors’ dictations.